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Architecture is multi-disciplinary, introducing students to history, theory, design, geometry, and physics. In addition to traditional career paths, architecture degrees prepare students for specialized study in fields such as landscape design, urban planning, and public policy. Learn more about this subject in the following free online architecture courses from respected universities such as Harvard and Yale.

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A Miniature Manhattan Wrought in Marble


"Marble’s usual rendition is seen in delicate antique effigies or lifesize sculptural portraits. Japenese-born, Los Angeles-based artist Yutaka Sone uses it to sculpt vast landscapes, natural as well as architectural. The third in a series of models made in marble, Sone exhibited his two-and-a-half-ton sculpture entitled Little Manhattan last week at the Park Avenue Armory art fair.

Almost 20 years in the making, Sone has previously created models of island-cities of Hong Kong and Venice. His work reflects a fascination with the peculiar forms these cities take, and how they have adapted and conquered them. Aided by photographic reproductions, imagery from Google Earth and several helicopter rides, Sone rendered the densely populated borough to scale, showing, for instance, bike paths cutting through Central Park and the arch in Washington Square Park.”

Komal Sharma, Metropolis
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