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Businesses require people skilled in making deals, negotiating contracts, and resolving conflict. These negotiators examine issues and prepare, present, and defend positions. Students entering this field should know how to determine business goals and strategically reach them. The following online negotiation courses and lectures lay out in more detail the skills necessary to succeed in this niche discipline.

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Why Thinking Abstractly Helps You Negotiate


"Life in business involves many negotiations -- both large and small. Effectiveness in negotiations is related to success more broadly, which is why there are so many books on effective negotiations, and why the topic has been the source of a lot of research.

One of the central problems that people have when negotiating is that they get mired in the details of the issue without keeping track of the high-level goal that the negotiation is supposed to achieve. The people involved in a negotiation often disagree on those details, which is why they have to be discussed in the first place, but that disagreement may mask opportunities for both parties to achieve their goals."

Art Markman, Entrepreneur
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