Online Certificate Programs in Management

These days, more and more students are pursuing post-secondary certificates. In fact, the Houston Chronicle reported that 22% of postsecondary credentials awarded are some type of certificate. It's no surprise, then, that management and leadership certificate programs are growing in popularity. In fact, a wide variety of programs offer a business management degree or certificate, with some falling into the broad, vocational category, while others delve deeper by way of a post-doctoral certificate.

Post-Doctoral Certificate

Management certificate programs online are a smart investment for students looking to go the extra mile in the field of management. Individuals who go on to earn this academic credential can become all the more specialized in a given sector of the industry or in the context of academics.

The program takes about a year, but varies by institution. Specific curriculum and coursework will depend on the concentration a student chooses to pursue. Some will focus on financial planning practices, while others will lean toward a human resources or management approach.

Vocational Certificate

Students interested in breaking into a management position as soon as possible, without completing a full-fledged bachelor’s or master’s, can opt for a vocational certificate. This option is attractive to people who don’t have the time or money to spare on lengthy academic pursuits. Moreover, should a student decide they want to go back and complete a full degree, the certificate they have already earned will be a great starting point in terms of credits already completed prior to enrollment.

Programs for this type of certificate will be similar to a bachelor’s or associate degree, in that it covers a wide variety of business topics. Courses in accounting, computing and economics are often covered. The time it takes to complete a certificate will vary depending on the specific school and student, but on average, the programs typically take about a year to complete.

What’s Next for Management Certificate Holders?

Management certificate holders, much like their degree-holding peers, enjoy a wealth of career options, complete with competitive pay. Every organization needs an effective team of managers in place to steer the company and guide operations. Therefore, possessing any level of knowledge in this realm will keep a professional in-demand.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), management occupations commonly cite the need for at least a bachelor’s degree; however, there are some jobs you can obtain with a certificate. For those you can’t, there’s always the option of going back to school to further one’s education. A vocational certificate is a great starting point for those interested in continuing their studies, while a postdoctoral certificate is bookend to an extensive education in management.