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Entrepreneurship is not always a reflection of ownership or risk. Rather, it is a mindset that seeks to break new ground. Entrepreneurship, as a field of study, has a wide, multi-discipline foundation; successful entrepreneurs need a broad understanding of business in order to evaluate opportunities when they arise.

There are few job positions listed under the title "entrepreneur," but there are many that require such skills. A great number of positions seek candidates who have drive and creativity and who understand the nature of success. Graduates with degrees in entrepreneurship are better equipped to meet the diverse needs of start-up organizations. They understand the unique challenges of new and expanding businesses.

Sample Courses

Entrepreneurship students can expect to take a variety of classes intended to provide the basis of a broad understanding of business practices and procedures. The coursework of entrepreneurship is often split between conventional business studies topics (marketing, accounting and management) and courses intended to foster the entrepreneurial spirit (identifying opportunities, locating funding sources and developing an entrepreneurial mindset).

Possible Specializations

As with most courses of study, there is room within entrepreneurship programs for specialization, which may reflect an area of personal interest to the student. Areas of entrepreneurship specialization may include: international business, manufacturing or sales. The potential areas of specialization are not limited to recognized topics within the field. In most cases, students can create a degree focus by selecting and completing courses to match their interests.


These abbreviated programs get entrepreneurs up and running. Entrepreneurship associates degrees impart the basics of accounting, economics, marketing and management. They prepare students to enter the workforce after two years of study.


By earning a bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship, students prepare for several post-graduation options. They gain marketable problem-solving and creative thinking skills that are attractive to potential employers. They acquire the practice and knowledge necessary to striking out on their own and starting their own businesses. With a bachelor's, they may choose to further their education and earn a masters degree.


Master's degrees in entrepreneurship are starting to replace the once ubiquitous MBA on the resumes of young professionals. The reason for this change is due in part to the desire of many to develop the skills necessary to work for themselves. At the same time, employers are becoming more eager to hire and advance individuals who have the knowledge to look for innovative ways to expand their businesses.


As with many PhD programs, entrepreneurship doctoral programs are usually intended for those who wish to pursue a career in academia. Generally speaking, entrepreneurs are more focused on doing and learning on the go. However, there are some who want to further their understanding of what entrepreneurship is, how it functions and, in turn, how to share that knowledge with others.

Ideal Candidates for Entrepreneurship

At their most fundamental, entrepreneurs tend to be: creative, self-motivated, goal oriented, passionate and accommodating. Candidates are almost always driven by a deep creative streak that guides their actions. An entrepreneur's creative drive stems from passion and a vision of how to achieve their goals. When an entrepreneur faces obstacles, they don't quit. Instead, they considers the hurdles they must overcome. The ideal candidate is able to adjust their behavior and habits to accommodate prevailing conditions and maximize their chances for success by limiting the reasons for failure.

Career Pathways

Throughout history, economies and civilizations have relied on those with vision, and those with the will to turn that vision into reality, to spur innovation. We embrace those with the entrepreneurial drive, ambition and skill-set by incorporating their spirit and ideals into a number of disciplines.

Unlike traditional career paths, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not track individual entrepreneurial endeavors, but it does track the effect business start-ups have on the US economy and vice versa. While the past several years have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of new enterprises, a rebound appears to be underway as the economy pulls itself out of the recession. If there is one thing that can be said about entrepreneurs, it's that they can sit on the sidelines patiently, but will do whatever it takes to get back in the game.

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Entrepreneurship Journals & Trade Magazines

  • Journals

    • International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business

      With an eye on the international economy in relation to entrepreneurship, the IJESB acts as a forum for researchers, policy makers and government agencies interested in global entrepreneurs.

    • Journal of Business Venturing

      Journal publishing juggernaut Elsevier produces this multi-disciplinary journal that seeks to further our understanding of the many forms of entrepreneurship and their underlying pathologies.

    • Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship

      The Whitman School of Management publishes this journal with the intention that it serve as a forum for the discussion and dissemination of empirical and theoretical research of micro-enterprises.

    • Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research

      This is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that examines entrepreneurship from a global perspective, using theoretical and empirical research to examine the impact of global entrepreneurship.

    • Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

      This open access, peer reviewed journal is published by Springer and features current research and findings regarding regional variations in growth within a larger cultural context.

    • Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship

      Published six times a year, this open access journal uses a double-blind review process to present studies that are of a theoretical, qualitative and quantitative entrepreneurial nature.

  • Trade Magazines

    • Entrepreneur

      Entrepreneur is a globally-recognized magazine providing insightful information on several key aspects of business.

    • Entrepreneur

      One of the most widely read publications focused on starting and running businesses, Entrepreneur is a monthly product that is available in print and digital ...

    • Inc.

      Once the magazine of choice for the staid corporate world, Inc. has transformed itself into a leading popular journal dedicated to the process of ...

    • Minority Business Entrepreneur

      Published on a bi-monthly basis, and focused on minority and women-owned businesses, MBE is a forum where those concerned can discuss ways to inform, educate ...

    • See Change

      This Canadian publication resonates with readers regardless of geography by covering all aspects of social enterprise and entrepreneurship in the hope of ...

    • Success

      The goal of every start-up is to achieve success, and this magazine explores that concept in terms that do not begin and end with the accumulation of wealth.

    • YFS Magazine

      Young, Fabulous & Self Employed is a recent addition to the world of glossy entrepreneur publications that focuses almost as much on style as on the substance ...

Entrepreneurship Grants & Scholarships

  • Grants

    • Amber Grant

      Deadline: March 31st

      Award Amount: $1,000

      This grant by the Amber Foundation began in 1998 for the purpose of assisting women entrepreneurs whose undertakings have stalled due to a lack of funds for things such as equipment and websites.

    • Jump Start Grants from The University of Michigan

      Deadline: April 6th

      Award Amount: $1,500

      The prototype development grant is intended for students in need of funding to build a prototype as part of an entrepreneurial project, with funding for materials, not labor or capital expenses.

  • Scholarships

    • AFCEA Young Entrepreneur Scholarship


      Award Amount: $2,000

      This award is available to young professionals under age 40 who are working toward a graduate or undergraduate degree and have "demonstrated entrepreneurial ...

    • Al Schuman Ecolab Entrepreneurial Scholarship

      Deadline: April 23rd

      Award Amount: $3,500

      This scholarship is open to first time freshman who anticipate a career in the restaurant or foodservice industry, exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit, are US ...

    • CEO of Tomorrow Scholarship

      Deadline: June 1st

      Award Amount: $2,500

      To qualify for this scholarship, students must have an interest in entrepreneurship and/or business leadership, and complete a 500-600 word essay on one of the ...

    • Gonzaga Entrepreneurial Leader Scholarship


      Award Amount: $20,000

      Students who attend or plan to attend Gonzaga University, who have an understanding and passion for entrepreneurship and have an unweighted GPA of at least 3.5 ...

    • Hillman Entrepreneurs

      Deadline: May 23rd

      Award Amount: Various

      Offered through the University of Maryland, these awards are made to students who have an interest in entrepreneurship and a desire to start a business upon ...

    • John and Mary Pappjohn Entrepreneurial Scholarship

      Deadline: April 7th

      Award Amount: $2,500

      The University of Iowa administers this scholarship for students seeking one of several entrepreneurial certificates, who have a GPA of at least 2.75, while ...

    • National Association for the Self Employed


      Award Amount: $10,000

      This scholarship is awarded to a student who exhibits the entrepreneurial spirit and has the characteristics of a future small business owner.

    • National Association for the Self Employed Succeed Scholarships

      Deadline: August 31

      Award Amount: $4,000

      Members can access up to $4,000 for any type of education, including university or college courses, training courses, or even business seminars.

    • Robert and Barbara Wood Entrepreneur Scholarship

      Deadline: March 1st

      Award Amount: $1,500

      Applicants for this scholarship must be entering their junior year at Grand Valley State University, Seidman College of Business, with at least 55 credits ...

    • The Avinger Entrepreneurial Scholarship


      Award Amount: $10,000

      Recipients of this award receive more than money, they also benefit from an ongoing relationship with Avinger, including mentoring opportunities with Advisory ...

    • Tom and Judy Maish Entrepreneurship Scholarship

      Deadline: April 4th

      Award Amount: $1,000

      This award is made in conjunction with the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University and is intended to support students with a financial need who ...

Entrepreneurship Internships

  • Baruch Entrepreneurial Intern Fellowship Program


    The program includes a stipend of $1,250 to assist students with the costs associated with an unpaid internship; qualified candidates will be undergraduates with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

  • Internships In Entrepreneurship Abroad


    This organization works to place entrepreneur interns in positions around the world in order to create singular, once in a lifetime opportunities for students.

  • Tennessee State University Entrepreneurship Intern Program


    Open to juniors with at least 80 completed credits, this program will provide participants exposure to real world experiences where they can apply classroom knowledge.

  • The Odyssey


    As an entrepreneurial intern with The Odyssey, qualified candidates will learn what it means to be an entrepreneur and how entrepreneurs work.

  • The Startup Factory


    Working with early stage start-ups, this group provides seed capital, mentorships and more to young companies, and interns will gain experience by helping mentees develop and refine their products.

Entrepreneurship Student & Professional Organizations

  • Student Organizations

    • Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization

      This young organization already has chapters on more than 240 campuses, in more than 40 states and considers their mission to be to “inform and inspire ...

    • Columbia Entrepreneurs

      This Columbia University group brings together entrepreneurs, innovators and students for lectures, workshops and discussions designed to aid students’ ...

    • Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

      These awards serve as a means of fostering inspiration in students who hope to start and grow their own entrepreneurial ventures while studying at university.

  • Professional Organizations

    • ASHOKA

      ASHOKA can be found in 70 countries, making it the largest network of social entrepreneurs in the world. ASHOKA fellows believe everyone to be an agent of change and works to catalyze entrepreneurs.

    • Chinese Entrepreneur Association

      Formed in 1998 for the benefit of young Chinese professionals and entrepreneurs who wished to extend their services to China, the CEA facilitates through networking and mentoring.

    • Entrepreneurs' Organization

      This group is composed of more than 9,000 business owners, from 40 countries, who work to learn from each other in order to achieve greater professional and personal success.

    • TIE Global

      The Indus Entrepreneurs is a Silicon Valley-based group of executives and entrepreneurs with roots in the Indus region and chapters in 17 countries and 11,000 members worldwide.

    • Women Entrepreneurs Organization of Washington

      This is a regional group comprised of women entrepreneurs and business owners in southwestern Washington State, who meet on a monthly basis to exchange ideas, support and facilitate networking.